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Apr 01 2019
What Will a Credit Designation Do for Me?
Shanna Diaz, CCE, Easton Technical Products

How could four hours change your financial future? In four hours, you could go golfing or do a yoga session just to name a couple things. Or, you could begin the steps toward becoming a Certified Credit Executive (CCE.)

July 25th, 2011 is a date that I will always remember, on that date I chose to spend four hours demonstrating that I was among the best of my peers; I was recognized for having the experience needed to become a CCE.

Of course, earning the CCE designation takes much more than 4 hours. There are two paths available to those seeking to earn the designation; the first involves earning the Certified Business Association (CBA) and Certified Business Fellow (CBF) and then sitting for the CCE. The second lets you skip CBA and CBF if you have 10 years' experience in credit, a 4-year degree, and 125 Career Road-map points. Both of these paths are strenuous and take time to work through.

You might be wondering, what will becoming a Certified Credit Executive do for me? This program is well respected within credit management professionals. There are a wide range of benefits that will help you and your company.

- Knowledge; by studying and preparing for the exams you gain an up to date understanding of credit management.

- Career Opportunities; by achieving these designations you are telling your managers that you are motivated and current in your knowledge.

- Professional recognition; among credit management professionals we demonstrate that we have experience, knowledge and leadership to the credit fields.

- Standards; with the ever-changing world of credit the role of credit executives are changing just as fast and this is a way to gain the knowledge and experience within this ever-changing role.

To those of you who may be contemplating obtaining your certification, I highly encourage it. Earning the CCE continues to be one of the proudest moments in my career. And to Danny Wheeler, thank you for always giving back to credit professionals and being such a huge part of why I decided to spend four hours on July 25th, 2011.