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Direct the requesting company info to NACM. As a member they will have access to our reports. You will get fewer credit reference requests and their information will be added to your NACM reports.

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Now Is The Right Time To Update Your Accounts

2017 Could be a challenge . . . check your customers' payment trends.

You may find out:

     - Your customer are slowing
     - Your customer is on a growth trend . . . good time to sell them more
     - Your customer has new liens, judgments or a bankruptcy and you were not on the creditors' list
     - Your customer has returned checks

To update your customers credit reports contact Kristy at 801-487-8786 or fax 801-484-1891

If you have a lot of credit reports to update call us to talk about volume discounts

Credit Reporting

NACM Business Credit Reporting offers members a "ONE STOP SHOP" for all of their credit reporting needs.
All reports require a member number and security code. D & B, Experian and Equifax require additional paper work.
These requirements will be handled through the Credit Reporting Department.

We also have consumer reports (for business purposes only) in an easy to read format available in a one, two or three file merge.

The two file is all the information available on a consumer from all the major consumer reporting agencies including Experian and Equifax.

Consumer reports require additional paperwork.


Jolene Moses, CBA        Ext 118     JMoses@nacmint.com
Kristy Boehme                Ext 131     KBoehme@nacmint.com
Rhonda Calwell, CCE    Ext 135     Rhonda@nacmint.com

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