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Credit Information Rescore

Credit information systems Rescore

Utah Office
801-487-2084 or 800-275-7398

Nevada Office
702-221-9196 or 888-625-5553

Bureau Rescoring

Lenders often must wait weeks for a loan applicant's credit score to be revised once credit disputes have been resolved. Credit Information System's bureau rescoring speeds up the process, providing an updated score within days so you can close deals faster.

Credit Score Analysis
Help applicants improve their credit with advanced tools designed to close more loans. In fact, many lenders using our solutions as an integral part of their loan origination process are closing 30% more loans every month.

How to order a Credit Information Rescore

View Rescore instruction sheet

After evaluation the credit report or running the Credit Xpert simulator, please complete the following:
    1. Obtain letters/statements from the creditors stating what changes need to be made
    2. Fill out the appropriate Re-Score order form
    3. Fax or Email completed form with the proper documentation
For a fast and accurate process please make sure all forms are properly filled out and all documentation is accurate, legible and contains the creditor name and account number.
Inaccurate documentation or incomplete forms will be rejected and result in a delay.
For questions please contact your local Credit Information Systems office.

Utah Re-Scores:     
Sydni Wooley x 123


Nevada Re-Scores:
Tammy Summers x 19

  Utah Re-Score Order Form                                                 NV Re-Score Order Form  

  Utah Re-Score Order Form                                              
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