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Feb 14 2019
ICEL - The Art of Knowing
Next Meeting - Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Art of Knowing
Presented by Stefanie Gallagher 

Knowing who you are
We all have a set of beliefs, sills and traits that make us unique individuals. The interesting thing is, most people could not identify what their beliefs, skills and traits are if asked by someone. When you confidently know who you are you are better equipped to make decisions and handle difficult situations.
1. Find out what your core values are, and which are your main drivers
2. Learn why you procrastinate on some tasks and jump at the chance to do others

Knowing that you don't know what you don't know
We ALL have blind-spots that we don't know about. Asking for assistance not only builds your knowledge but also builds bridges with colleagues. Vulnerability can be liberating, especially in a professional setting, as it helps connect you to others.
1. Find out how to identify your blind spot
2. Learn how to use your inside investigator to work through it

Knowing what you can and cannot control
As humans, we waste so much of our time trying to control people, things and outcomes. The irony is the majority of things we hold tight to and try to control...are actually outside of our control. Having the ability to identify what you can and cannot control and learning to act accordingly, will give you a whole new set of eyes to see the world through and it will crack perspective wide open.
1. Find out how to easily identify what you can and cannot control
2. Learn how to move forward with those things you can control
3. Learn how to stop trying to control that which you cannot 

You might call Stefanie a jack of many trades as she spent the majority of the past 25 years experimenting with her career (or her half dozen plus careers). The largest chunk of her time has been in the corporate world in various roles such as Training Manager, Treasury Manager, Sales Manager and Educational Travel Manager along with one of her favorite roles as Events Manager for local government. Yes, she really enjoyed working for the government. Yes, even she has had trouble keeping track of what she has done throughout her adult life.


During her career testing phase, she never realized the answer to how she was meant to serve was in front of her all along. Throughout the years she worked with every type of leader, employee and human-being. The difficult personalities and the lost ones. Stefanie developed a passion for giving, often unsolicited, advice to those who needed an extra push. She finally landed in her favorite role as a Personal Development Coach, helping individuals get over hurdles and past their fears to help them move into their purpose.

11:45 am - 1:15 pm
Hotel RL (Formerly Red Lion Hotel), 161 W 600 S, SLC, UT
$20 ICEL Members
non-ICEL Member Guests $30

RSVP Lisa Keller via email or 801.433.6129

Reservations are firm unless cancelled 24 hours prior to the meeting.