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Oct 18 2017
NACM Credit Boot Camp
It's a Battle Out There - Are You Prepared? Business Credit Best Practices and Procedures including the importance of credit in business, effective collection calls, credit applications and investigations and more
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Oct 20 2017
Mechanics' Liens for Beginners
New to construction credit? This seminar is for you! We'll talk about the basics of mechanics' liens and get you prepared for more advanced lien topics.
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Oct 25 2017
NACM Secured Transactions and Advanced Mechanics' Lien & Bond
Speaker Dana Farmer, Attorney at Law. AM session - how to create secured transactions using UCC-1 and PMSI. PM session - How to use mechanics' liens.
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Nov 06 2017
Professional Designation Exams
The NACM National Certification Program has helped define and establish professional standards in this demanding and rapidly changing field, and fosters recognition of those individuals who possess special expertise.
Nov 09 2017
ICEL: The Power of Mulligans
In general terms a mulligan is a second chance to accomplish something that went awry the first time. Think about it; how many chances do parents give their baby to successfully learn to walk? As many as it takes!
Dec 12 2017
Credit Reporting & Industry Credit Groups Appreciation Seminar
A full day of important updates for all credit and business professionals including anti-trust, bankruptcy, fraud and 2018 economic outlook.
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