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NACM BCS Board of Directors

Board of Directors Mission Statement


As the Board of Directors of NACM Business Credit Services, our mission is to promote and build the image of NACM Business Credit Services in the business community.

 - Encourage new membership and communicate the values and services available to all members.

 - Promote and encourage education.

 - Support and participate in the functions, committees, and seminars.

 - Provide guidance and insight into the needs of our members.

 - Promote professionalism in the field of credit management.

 - Provide leadership.

 - Make informed decisions to insure the profitability and success of NACM Business Credit Services.

Now Accepting Nominations for 2019 Board of Directors Election

2018-2019 Board of Directors

Rebecca Mullins, CCE, Ferguson Enterprises, Chairman
DeAnna Leahy, CCE, Sunroc Corporation, Vice-Chairman
D'Ann Johnson,CCE, A-Core Concrete Cutting, Treasurer

Joanne Martin, CCE, LKL Associates
Kandie Haymore, CBF, Midwest Floor Coverings
Kelly Passey, Plastic Specialties
Whitney Davidson, CBF, CCRA, Sunroc Building Materials
Tyler Steenblik, CCE, Young Electric Supply Company, Counselor
Shane Inglesby, CCE, Geneva Rock Products, National Board Rep.
Georgette Bevan, CCE, President, NACM Business Credit Services
Lisa Keller, CCE, NACM Business Credit Services