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NACM is here to help your business succeed by providing the tools necessary to protect one of your company's largest assets, your Accounts REceivable

Supporting and assisting businesses involved in making business-to-business credit decisions and collecting accounts receivable.

Not sure how to take your company to the next level? Let us show your company how to manage credit risk by matching your customers to the most appropriate and cost effective credit reports.

Industry trade groups help members understand their current marketplace conditions and customers. The NACM National Certification Program, local seminars and classes increase the value and abilities of your employees to work quickly, effectively and confidently.

Whether you're a sole proprietor or a multibillion dollar company, members become more profitable by making more accurate and informed credit decisions and managing the risks of accounts receivable.

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OUR GOAL...To enhance our Members' economic success by providing professional risk management tools and the finest credit related products, services, and education.

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MISSION - Risk Management

Identify the most innovative, secure, and cost-effective payment
processing and check guarantee choice for you and your business.

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News & Events

Feb 01 2018
Western Region Credit Conference is a MUST!
Education is such a vital part of our industry. My background was in bookkeeping. I moved to Utah and took a job in credit with the assumption that all I had to do was post payments and call for past due payments. Little did I know the complexity involved in the world of credit; an unknown planet that requires you to navigate through many loop holes and pitfalls. I once had a conversation with a young man who was asking what is involved with buying a home. Although I am not a loan officer I do know the basics of credit. He told me that he did not have a "regular job" but made a lot of money off the books. He wanted to purchase a home and had $50,000 in cash to put towards the home and wanted to get financing for the balance. more...
Feb 01 2018
Audit Yourself
We learned in Principles of Business Credit that business to business credit has been a part of the U.S. business scene for hundreds of years. With business credit playing such a huge part within the business scene and the understanding that doing business on credit terms has a much higher rate of risk and cost of doing business, you must protect yourselves by having a company credit policy and procedures in place. The cornerstone of your credit accounts is the credit application. Within the credit application you must have clear and concise terms. This then becomes your legally binding contract. . more...
Feb 01 2018
Georgette Bevan, CCE Takes the Helm of NACM Intermountain
A new chapter in NACM Business Credit Services history takes effect February 1, 2018 as Georgette Bevan, CCE will become president of our affiliate. Georgette succeeds Dean Wangsgard who served as our associations president for eleven years. Georgette brings a wealth of experience with her in her new position. She worked for many years in credit management prior to coming on board with NACM sixteen years ago in 2001. Her professional career started as a paralegal in a law office. She looks back fondly on that experience as it exposed her to the law and provided a foundation she would draw upon in her next job. In her next assignment, she quickly learned the credit manager she worked with was not following-up on returned checks. She took on the responsibility and the rest, as they say, is history. She was hooked on credit and collections. more...