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NACM Business Credit Services

Benefits of Membership in NACM Business Credit ServicesNACM is here to help your business succeed by providing the tools necessary to protect one of your company's largest assets, your accounts receivable.

Supporting and assists businesses involved in making business-to-business credit decisions and collecting accounts receivable.

Not sure how to take your company to the next level? Let us show your company how to manage credit risk by matching your customers to the most appropriate and cost effective credit reports.

Industry trade groups help members understand their current marketplace conditions and customers. The NACM National Certification Program, local seminars and classes increase the value and abilities of your employees to work quickly, effectively and confidently.

Whether you're a sole proprietor or a multibillion dollar company, members become more profitable by making more accurate and informed credit decisions and managing the risks of accounts receivable.

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OUR GOAL...To enhance our Members' economic success by providing professional risk management tools and the finest credit related products, services, and education.

Provide excellent customer service
Value individual relationships
Focus on and support your needs
Be courteous and respectful
Promptly provide accurate information
Be innovators in technology




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MISSION - Risk Management

Identify the most innovative, secure, and cost-effective payment
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Oct 01 2016
A Little Compassion, Please!
Finally, after speaking with my customer two or three times with no resolution, I called her late one afternoon. I had very little faith that the call would resolve anything. I let her talk about her gripes that I had heard before. I listened to all the more...
Oct 01 2016
Are You On Cruise Control?
When driving on the freeway to Southern Utah, I use my cruise control. If I'm not careful I can bore myself to death by falling asleep at the wheel as driving this way is easy, comfortable, and requires little effort on my part. After years at our jobs more...
Oct 01 2016
Effective Credit Committees
I was a session speaker at the NACM Annual Credit Congress in June, 2016. In the session: The Challenge Of Overridden Credit Decisions, I shared with the audience some of the changes we made at Nicholas and Company that I believe more...